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Recording the dialogue for Noir: Dark As Night has begun! Here Erik Evensen records his dialogue for The Farewell




Working on a (still yet untitled) upcoming companion to "Fire Eater"; Here are some photos from a day with horses and drones.

Special thanks to McKayla McElwaine for her equestrian expertise and Bill Adams for his expert drone-piloting skills and aerial photography. (Additional photo credit: JR Smathers).

Recorded the Voice-Over work needed for my next short film with Jessica Kromrie & Shane Sanders this week! Looking forward to posting further updates as we progress forward. Stay tuned!


Having a blast filming with 2 undergraduates at the University of Wisconsin-Stout a short film entitled "Nothing Happened". An impromptu exercise in resourcefulness... (Yes that's me as Batman; well sort of Batman...)


As part of a graduate study class, I had the recent opportunity to photograph and investigate the history of several items found in an around the historic Harvey Hall on the UW-Stout campus in Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Together with 3 other graduate students (who each had their own item), I explored the historic possibilities of an partial 16mm film reel. The reel was a fascinating time-capsule of the 1930s-1940s and you can explore it with me in the (free) podcast on iTunes. 

Check it out here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/discarded-design/id1188818076?mt=2

 Have begun Pre-production on my first short film through UW-Stout’s Cinema Intensive. The Dinner Party (a working title) will carry the visuals and pacing of a music video, but more akin to a visual poem. I have 3 major locations and will have a cast of 8. Storyboards are near completion as well as a shooting script. Still need to cast a major role before I can move into Production. I’ll be shooting with a Canon C-100 and still need to secure a few pivotal crew roles. Stay tuned!

I'm very happy to anounce that I will be participating in UW-Stout's 2nd annual Cinema Intensive program of classes this summer begining on 6/13/2016 and ending on 8/5/2016. In this 8 week (credited) course students will be able to write, direct, shoot and edit their own short film culminating in a film-festival submission. Should be a blast and I'll keep you posted throughout the production!

After much traveling, research and debate, I will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Stout (in the little town of Menomonie) to pursue my plans of an MFA. I'm very excited about this decision, and can't wait to show you all the projects I have lined up! Please keep your eyes on this website for a lot of changes and new portfolio works. My emphasis will be on Digital Cinema this time around and I plan to combine my interests in Photography to create a broad media base from which to build on. Stay tuned!

Chicago is such a beautiful city filled with immense culture and wonderful art! A BIG thanks to Columbia College for a warm welcome and tour. Chicago-until we meet again...

The next stop on my garduate school tour: Chicago! Here I'll visit Columbia College and SAIC. Photos coming soon...

Had a very productive visit in Los Angeles! Visited/toured some excellent MFA programs, while taking in a little bit of the Cali sunshine!

The journey toward my undergraduate degree has been a long but exciting haul; I look forward to the artistic growth and challenges an MFA degree will provide. And so begins my next journey toward finding a fantastic graduate program. First stop: the City of Angels. I'm looking forward to connecting with some old friends and potential new opportunities. Pictures to follow...


I'm very pleased to anounce "Dr. Voodoo" has been accepted into the juried exhibition "Dia de los Muertos" (Day of the Dead) at the The Art Center (TAC) in Chicago. The exhibition will occur September 7th – November 3rd, 2013.

Model/Make-up/Costume: Malacai Stump


(from left to right) Alison Wheeler, Phillip Schladweiler and John Noltner with Ela Gandhi at the close of the A Peace of My Mind project in 2013 (at the Provost Symposium).

(Image by Rick Mickelson)

A fantastic encapsulation of John's ongoing mission, and what A Peace of My Mind brought to UW-EC...


A great new video created by Glen Mabie, that documents the 'A Peace of My Mind' project


From the Provost Honors Symposium at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

(Image by Rick Mickelson)

The culmination of my work with John Noltner's Peace of My Mind project. My portrait of Cathy Sultan, will be hanging at different locations around campus and will be added to the permanent collection of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.